Want to have some animation in your Beamer/LaTeX presentation ? This tutorial will explain how to do that


You must have Latex with beamer packages installed on you computer. You will need the animate.sty file. You have to read you compiled pdf file with Adobe reader (it's free and available on most OSs...)

Let's make it

First, from a GIF animated file you will need to convert it into n-frames PNG files using the command :
convert my_gifanimatedfile.gif my_pngfiles_%d0.png

You will get n-frames PNG files names my_pngfile_n.png where n is the number of the frame. Let's use these files into our Beamer/LaTeX source file :

In the header part, do not forget to add :

\usepackage{animate} %need the animate.sty file

Then, where you need to display your animation : \animategraphics[autoplay,loop,height=5cm]{1}{my_ongfile_}{0}{n-1}
The n-1 corresponds to the number of frames n but we start at step 0 and not 1.