Ultifunctional Nano-Tailored Composites for Aerospace Applications:

Trends and Prospects

S. A. Meguid


Director, Mechanics and Aerospace Design Laboratory

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

University of Toronto, Canada

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Recent development in and utilization of materials, fillers, devices, and systems with dimensions on the order of 0.1 to 100 nanometres, exhibiting novel and significantly enhanced mechanical, physical, chemical, and biological properties, due to their nanoscale size, are attracting considerable attention from the scientific community. Fundamental understanding of synthesis, processing, and characterization of nano-tailored materials will render greater opportunities for their ultimate deployment in engineering. It is anticipated that the role-played by nanotechnology in developing multifunctional intelligent.

The objective of this lecture is to provide greater understanding of the complex phenomena that take place at the nanoscale level in multifunctional nano-tailored composites. Specifically, attention will be given to the research activities and achievements in my laboratory in developing multifunctional nano-tailored adhesive bonds for aerospace applications. In particular, we introduce this multifunctionality, and a certain level of intelligence, by homogeneously dispersing carbon nanotubes, and other nanofillers, into high strength thermoset epoxy adhesives. Application of molecular dynamics and atomistic based continuum techniques to treat this class of intelligent multifunctional materials will be discussed and their viability for in-situ diagnostics examined.


Professor Shaker Meguid obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from UMIST, England. He taught different branches of Applied Mechanics in 4 continents, including Oxford University, Cranfield University (England), University of Toronto, Cairo University (Egypt) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU-Singapore). His research activities have contributed significantly to the areas of nanoengineering, computational mechanics, advanced and smart composites, fracture mechanics and failure prevention. He has published over 400 papers in leading tier-1 scientific journals and international conferences and symposia including the most recent 4th Int. Conf. on Integrity, Reliability and Failure held in Madeira June 24-27, 2013. He not only organised but also contributed to numerous symposia as keynote and plenary speaker. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Int. J of Mechanics and Materials in Design, Guest Editor to a number of Journals, Former Technical Associate Editor of ASME J. of Engineering Materials and Technology (for two consecutive terms), and a member of the editorial board of numerous journals. He is also the Editor of six international conference proceedings and author of two textbooks. He is the founding head of the Aerospace Division of NTU, Singapore. He holds the titles of Distinguished Visiting Professor in Tongji University (China), Porto University (Portugal), external examiner to Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), University of Putra Malaysia (Malaysia), and an Engineering Consultant to the United Nations. He is a lifetime member of AIAA, member of the American Academy of Mechanics, Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario PEng, Chartered Engineer in Great Britain CEng, Fellow of ASME, and Fellow of IMechE. He works closely with the aerospace and automotive industries and is regularly approached by members of the media for clarification of engineering issues.  Professor Meguid and his students won many awards including the recent innovation award in nanoengineering by ASME. Professor Meguid is currently hosted by Peking University to teach Mechanics of Solids under the Global Exchange Program known as Globex program.