USACM Thematic Conference on Isogeometric Analysis and Meshfree Methods

欢饮参加:Thematic Session 16. "IGA and Meshfree Methods for Thin Structures" (Meshfree Chairs: D. Wang and X. Zhang).

Welcome to the USACM Thematic Conference on Isogeometric Analysis and Meshfree Methods 

The development of Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) and Meshfree Methods, both very important and highly visible areas of Computational Mechanics, was motivated by vastly different needs in engineering analysis. While IGA development was primarily driven by the need for tighter coupling between Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and FEM, Meshfree methods were developed for applications that involve phenomena such as fracture and material fragmentation. Nevertheless, both techniques have many common challenges, among which are analysis-suitable model generation, speed and efficiency of the computational procedures, and numerical quadrature. This USACM Thematic Conference will bring together experts in both areas to discuss recent progress in each field, and transfer knowledge and experience between the two communities.


Important Dates 

January 1-April 30, 2016: Abstract submission
May 31, 2016: Deadline for notification of abstract acceptance
March 31-June 30, 2016: Registration
July 1-September 8, 2016: Late Registration
September 8, 2016: Deadline for hotel reservation
October 10-12, 2016: Conference


Oral presentations will be made in the following Thematic Sessions:

1. Mathematical Aspects of IGA and Meshfree Methods

  • IGA Chairs: J. Evans and G. Sangalli
  • Meshfree Chairs: R. Lipton and D. Sulsky

2. Basis Function Technology and Local Refinement for IGA and Meshfree Methods

  • IGA Chairs: T. Dokken, T. Lyche, and C. Manni
  • Meshfree Chairs: N. Sukumar and C.T. Wu

3. Coupling of IGA and Meshfree Methods

  • Chairs: Y. Bazilevs, N. Sukumar, and D. Wang

4. Quadrature and Stability Issues in IGA and Meshfree Methods

  • Chairs: J.S. Chen, S.-W. Chi, M. Hillman, and A. Reali

5. Galerkin and Collocation Methods

  • IGA Chairs: A. Reali and D. Schillinger
  • Meshfree Chairs: J.S. Chen and H.Y. Hu

6. Progress in Software Development for IGA and Meshfree Methods

  • Chairs: D. Benson and C.T. Wu

7. High Performance Computing in IGA and Meshfree Methods

  • IGA Chairs: V. Calo and M. Ruess
  • Meshfree Chairs: A. Schweitzer

8. Industrial Applications of IGA and Meshfree Methods

  • IGA Chairs: M-C. Hsu, A. Korobenko, and M. Scott
  • Meshfree Chairs: D. Simkins and C.T. Wu

9. Nonlocal Mechanics and Peridynamics

  • Chairs: Q. Du and J. Foster

10. Multiscale Materials Modeling

  • Chairs: G. Wagner and W.K. Liu

11. Modeling of Extreme Events

  • Chairs: J. Roth and J. Brokaw

12. XFEM and GFEM

  • Chairs: A. Duarte and H. Waisman

13. Application of IGA and Meshfree Methods to Coupled Problems and Contact

  • IGA Chairs: H. van Brummelen, M-C. Hsu, and L. de Lorenzis
  • Meshfree Chairs: Z. Chen and P.C. Guan

14. Phase-field Modeling

  • Chairs: M. Borden and H. Gomez

15. Geometric Modeling and Integration with Analysis

  • Chairs: B. Juettler, M. Scott, and Y. Zhang

16. IGA and Meshfree Methods for Thin Structures

  • IGA Chairs: D. Benson and J. Kiendl
  • Meshfree Chairs: D. Wang and X. Zhang

17. IGA and Meshfree Methods for Solids

  • IGA Chairs: T. Elguedj, K. Mathisen, and T. Rabczuk
  • Meshfree Chairs: J.S. Chen and Q. Yang

18. IGA and Meshfree Methods for Fluids, Turbulence, and Transport Phenomena

  • IGA Chairs: J. Evans and T. Kvamsdal
  • Meshfree Chairs: G. Wagner

19. Error Estimation and Adaptivity

  • Chairs: T. Kvamsdal and M. Larson

20. General Session