Uintah is a set of software components and libraries that facilitate the solution of partial differential equations on structured adaptive mesh refinement grids using hundreds to thousands of processors. Uintah is the product of a ten year partnership with the Department of Energy's ASC program through the University of Utah's Center for Simulation of Accidental Fires and Explosions (C-SAFE).



The Uintah documentation is broken up into three documents: installation guideuser guide, and developer's guide. The installation guide has general installation instructions for unix/linux machines with specific instructions for  Debian Fedora Core 11 and  CentOS 5. The user guide explains how to use the uintah tools including the main user application, sus (StandAlone Uintah Simulation), visualization tools,  VisIt, and  Manta, and various command line tools useful for post processing data. Finally, the developer's guide contains information about the underlying architecture of Uintah with examples of how to use the framework for writing components in addition to information about the specific algorithms found within sus.

Installation Guide


User Guide


Developer Guide


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