The programs demonstrate most of the concepts and techniques related to the SPH method.  The code can be easily extended to other corrective or modified versions of SPH with proper treatment either on the kernel approximation or the particle approximation.  The 3D SPH code can solve compressible flows with real viscosity, and can be readily modified for applications to hydrodynamics with material strength with a proper constitutive model and an equation of state.  As a structured code, it can be readily modified or imported to other user-application subroutines according to users' specific requirements.  Two benchmark problems, a 1D shock tube and a 2D shear driven cavity are provided to test the accuracy and efficiency of the attached SPH source code.

The purpose of releasing the source code is to save readers' time in developing their own SPH code.  Readers are free to use in part or the entire code at their own risks, as long as a proper reference and acknowledgement are given.  The authors apologize for not being able to provide technical support, but welcome comments and suggestions from the users. We will try to improve the code in the future, whenever there is a chance.

You can download the SPH code and unzip it.

For installation, a serial number is needed. After a simple registration here, the serial number will be automatically e-mailed to your E-mail address furnished  in registration form. Please make sure your active e-mail address in the form.

For the theoretical background of the software development, please refer to the publications authored by Dr. G. R. Liu and co-workers. Following lists are most relevant.



Liu G. R. and Liu M. B., Smoothed particle hydrodynamics:  a meshfree particle method, World Scientific, 2003.