Call for a PhD candidate at University of Bremen (numerical modelling for offshore geotechnics)


Dear Professor Xiong Zhang,

we would like to kindly ask you to distribute our Ph.D. research position throughout your research community and interested students.

The position is in the field of Numerical modelling for offshore geotechnics/engineering with the following description (please find the attachment for the official description of the position).

We do appreciate your time and consideration.

Long-term set-up effect of XL offshore monopiles

Pile capacity is increasing in time; this process is known as set-up effect. Set-up factors in the range of 1.2 to 2 have been reported, showing the significance of this phenomenon. However, the exact mechanism and the relationship of the set-up factor to some parameters such as soil type, soil condition or installation methods are not well understood making it difficult to implement this factor in engineering design. The general objective of this research program is to shed light on the set-up process and provide more ground for its use in practice through a comprehensive experimental laboratory and field studies, as well as theoretical numerical studies.

This project is a joint research project with MARUM/Universität Bremen, Fraunhofer IWES, Innogy SE, and GmbH.

The PhD program mainly focuses on implementing advanced numerical methods and soil constitutive models to analyze field tests (cone penetration test) and laboratory tests (CPT in calibration chamber, triaxial test, etc.), to understand the set-up process around monopile foundations (changes in soil state and stress state), and to compare modelling results with large-scale pile tests.

Best regards, 

Tobias Moerz
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